An affordable bookkeeping option for small to medium businesses, with advanced financial analytics and a streamlined process that creates valuable cost saving efficiencies.


Has the volume of your accounts payable become over bearing? Are they costing your business in valuable staff time and resources in processing paperwork and data entry? How much is simple data entry costing you in wages and on-costs?


Does the processing of your pay-run take key team members away from the tasks that can provide greater value to your business?


Are your debtors being followed up in a timely manner? Is your team running the necessary credit checks on new or potential clients?


Your business may not yet be at the level to warrant a full-time in-house Chief Financial Officer. With Lift Accounts, you can obtain the expertise of an experienced Chartered Accountant, with the costs shared with other businesses of similar size. That is smart business.

Why Lift?

Are you getting bogged down in administration or paying good money for an under-skilled bookkeeper? Are you paying your accountant big money at the end of the financial year to reconcile your books and provide you with out-dated financial information?

Lift Accounts provides the solution for an all-inclusive, affordable monthly fee, which also assists your budgeting and cash flow. We will set up your business with the latest technology and streamline your processes to deliver cost savings which will flow through to your bottom line.

Your business will be supported by a team of qualified Chartered Accountants and Bookkeepers who are experts in Australian taxation law and compliance regulations.


The key to all our engagements is the process. Our first step is to design the perfect process for your business to ensure a timely and accurate flow of information.


Lift Accounts harnesses the power of the latest web based software and automates as much of the work as possible. This in turn creates the cost savings and efficiencies.


Businesses reliant on a single person are severely restricting their ability to grow. With Lift Accounts, you will have your own in-house finance team of highly trained accountants and bookkeepers, guiding you on your path to business success and wealth.

Standard Xero Subscription
Accounts Payable & Expense Processing (max. per mth) 50 150 300
Weekly Bank Reconciliations
Monthly Financial Reports
BAS Preparation & Lodgement
Email Support
End of Year Collaboration with your Accountant
Monthly Pay-Run to Suppliers
Accounts Receivable – Timely Debtor Follow ups
$300 $450 $900